Must See: Honomobo-Shipping Container Homes

By: Honomobo

Our most efficient living studio. At 352 square feet it hits above its weight, through efficient design and convertible spaces, this is a comfortable living space.

A full bathroom and functional kitchen allow the HO2 to deliver everything the modern dweller needs in a home.

Included as standard is a highly efficient air source heat pump for heating and cooling.

Dimensions: 16ft Wide x 24ft Deep

Upgrades Thermal Insulation

Upgrade – Increase wall insulation to R40 from our standard R20 and increase roof insulation to R60 from our standard R40 to reduce the energy required to keep Honomobo warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is the first and largest step towards net positive.

All Honomobo are Solar Photovoltaic ready. Ready to take the plunge to full net positive.

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